Mölltaler Gletscher
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1-day ski pass
Mölltaler Gletscher & Ankogel Mallnitz

  • The ski pass can be used in 2 Austrian ski resorts-Mölltaler Gletscher and Ankogel Mallnitz. 
  • The start of winter operation at the Ankogel Mallnitz center will probably be from 22.12.2023, depending on weather and operating conditions.
  • The ski pass is valid on selected day during the cableway opening times and is non-transferable. 
  • The ski pass does not include insurance in the mountains.
  • Details about current weather conditions, opened ski pistes and cableways are published on www.moelltaler-gletscher.

Can be used in
  • Mölltaler Gletscher
  • Ankogel Mallnitz