A chairlift is only the beginning at Ještěd

With the Skalka chairlift, it takes only a few minutes to travel to the ridge of Ještěd. And from there, it’s just a stone’s throw away to one of the most popular trails that runs to the Ještěd transmitter. Or feel free to choose another direction along any of the marked trails there.

The WALK season pass at Ještěd is the hit of the summer

Everybody who likes hiking and the area around the Ještěd resort will love the WALK season pass. Travel up or down the hill 1x per day all season long – depending on where your trip begins. What’s more, the season pass includes a 15% discount in selected JEŠTĚD GASTRONOMY facilities and a 15% discount in selected JEŠTĚD MOTION shops.

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WALK season pass

Set out for your favourite trails or discover new unknown places near the Ještěd resort.

WALK season pass

390 CZK

Ještěd resort

BIKE season pass

Our BIKE season pass is meant for all adrenalin fans this year. The Ještěd Bike park offers 3 trails of various difficulty levels, all of them are close to the Skalka chairlift.

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It’s only up to you how you spend your day at Ještěd!

Off-road scooters

An ideal activity suitable for kids as well as adults, with a touch of adrenalin.

Bike trips

Take the Skalka chairlift and ride down comfortably along forest roads.

Hidden stories

Choose from three discovery hiking trails. For children, we recommend Čertovy kameny (Devils stones).

Mountain carts

Stable and robust three-wheelers are safe and suitable for all family members.

Ještěd bike park

Trails of various difficulty levels for all adrenalin fans.

Kid’s playground

Discover, experience and have fun below Mt Ješted.