Memories are the best gifts of all. Give an experience.

Give a unique Gopass experience in the form of a Gopass gift voucher to your loved ones.

What are Gopass gift vouchers and how do they work?

Surprise your loved ones with a Gopass gift voucher that includes wellness relaxation, cosy accommodation, ski passes, morning Fresh Track skiing or relaxing massages. This is the ideal gift that offers happy memories and helps forget the everyday routine. The process is very simple. Book a gift voucher and it will be sent to your email address. Gopass points are not collected for buying gift vouchers.

Give the most beautiful gift. Memories

Advantages of gift vouchers

Flexibility of use

Freedom of choice when to use it

Comfort and simplicity

Vouchers can be purchased easily online, which saves time and effort when looking for the perfect gift

An experience instead of a material thing

Gift vouchers can offer unforgettable moments and new adventures

How does it work?

Buy a voucher, print it and give it to your loved one


The voucher including activation instructions will be sent to your email address


The voucher can be printed or given to your loved one in the electronic form


The voucher recipient can use it easily based on the instructions on the back side

Gift voucher FAQ

The purchased gift voucher will be sent to the email address that you entered when buying it.
The instructions how to use individual vouchers are written on all of them. Please follow these instructions because they can be different for various vouchers.
The validity period of each gift voucher is different and time limited. It is always written on the voucher.
No, gift vouchers cannot be extended or changed.
If you have a ski pass gift voucher or a water park gift voucher and it has already been activated in your Gopass account, the product can be cancelled to have the value returned to the credit and then activated for another date during the voucher validity period. As far as other gift vouchers are concerned, please call the booking number or write an email to the address written on the voucher to find out more.
No, points cannot be collected for buying gift vouchers.