Having GOPASS is worth it

Having GOPASS is worth it

Buy ski passes and tickets online at great prices.

What is better for me?

Online purchase - at the best prices without waiting at the cash desk

  1. Online purchase
    TIP: Buy online and save. You can buy a chairlift ticket and other services online at better prices.
  2. Fun ticket
    TIP: To buy a combination of a chairlift ticket and e-bike or off-road scooter rental, use the FUN TICKET package at a great price.
Lowest prices of ski passes/tickets
Cash desk 300 CZK
Online 3 days in advance 250 CZK
Online 2 days in advance 250 CZK

Don't wait at the cash register

  • Buy a chairlift ticket or Fun Ticket online from the comfort of your home, don't waste time at the cash desk.
  • With your GOPASS card you can head straight to the chairlift.

A chairlift ride is just the beginning of other Gopass benefits

  • We also offer more favorable conditions for Gopass card holders when purchasing sports equipment and souvenirs in Spindl Motion stores.
  • Fast food or a good lunch with a mountain view? Great prizes also await you at Spindl Gastronomy bars and restaurants after presenting your Gopass card.
No waiting at the cash register Skiing statistics

Reward for every purchase

You receive points for every purchase through the gopass.cz e-shop, as well as when you present your GOPASS card in our restaurants and bars, shops and rental shops. For every 25 CZK spent, you will receive 1 point. TIP: for a one-way chairlift ticket worth 250 CZK we will give you 10 points, which you can immediately use in our establishments and receive a lower price for selected products or services.

  • One ride

    250 Kč (without Gopass) 150 Kč + 130 points (with Gopass)
  • Aperol Spritz

    119 Kč (without Gopass) 99 Kč + 20 points (with Gopass)
  • Kofola

    49 Kč (without Gopass) 39 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Chicken broth with meat and noodels

    75 Kč (without Gopass) 65 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Bombardino

    95 Kč (without Gopass) 85 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Orange fresh

    89 Kč (without Gopass) 69 Kč + 20 points (with Gopass)
  • Cappuccino

    85 Kč (without Gopass) 75 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Mulled wine

    109 Kč (without Gopass) 99 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Red Bull

    79 Kč (without Gopass) 59 Kč + 20 points (with Gopass)
  • Hruškovice

    49 Kč (without Gopass) 39 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Crackling spread

    49 Kč (without Gopass) 39 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Lentil soup XXL

    99 Kč (without Gopass) 89 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
  • Penne bolognese

    219 Kč (without Gopass) 199 Kč + 20 points (with Gopass)
  • Roasted pork ribs

    269 Kč (without Gopass) 239 Kč + 30 points (with Gopass)
  • Beef goulash

    249 Kč (without Gopass) 229 Kč + 20 points (with Gopass)
  • Chockolade covered gingerbread

    59 Kč (without Gopass) 49 Kč + 10 points (with Gopass)
Purchase with points

You can also save your points and receive the following rewards.

Fee 9-hole Mo-Th/Fr-Su

Golf & Ski Resort

423 Kč + 100 points
518 Kč + 100 points

One ride

Špindlerův Mlýn

0 Kč + 250 points

Return ticket

Špindlerův Mlýn

0 Kč + 300 points

This is only a selection of our favorite rewards for points. Examples of prices and points are for illustration only and may vary depending on the traffic and season. You can find specific offers and much more in your GOPASS coupons.