Be smart and save with flexible prices while skiing!

What does it mean and how to use it? If you buy a ski pass in advance and online at home, the price will be the best. Even in HIGH season!

The sooner you buy, the better is the price

Flexible ski pass pricing works like flight ticket pricing. Buy ski passes online now and enjoy perfect pistes at the best price later. And if you need, your ticket can be cancelled at a symbolic fee.

What influences the ski pass prices?

Resort occupancy rate.
Skiing date. Date of ski pass purchase.
Snow conditions.

Resorts where you can save with flexible pricing

Don't forget to shop in advance and especially online via the Gopass web or the Gopass app.


Opened from: 9.12.2023

Muttereralm Innsbruck
from 27 €
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 5.11.2023

Mölltaler Gletscher
from 35 €
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 22.12.2023

Ankogel Mallnitz
from 34 €
Buy a ski pass

Czech Republic

Opened from: 2.12.2023

Špindlerův Mlýn
from 640 CZK
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 2.12.2023

from 390 CZK
Buy a ski pass

OPENED FROM: 17.11.2023

from 300 CZK
Buy a ski pass

Slovakia and Poland

Opened from: 2.12.2023

from 29 €
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 16.12.2023

Tatranská Lomnica
from 24 €
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 2.12.2023

Štrbské Pleso
from 24 €
Buy a ski pass

Opened from: 2.12.2023

from 89 zł
Buy a ski pass

Cancellation fee

Only selected products can be cancelled so if there is no cancellation option displayed next to a product, it cannot be cancelled. Depending on the kind of product, cancellation can be made one day before the day of use or on the day of use

Cancellation policy

Cancellation costs 1 EUR/30 CZK/5 PLN (one day before the date of use until 11:59 pm) or 5 EUR/150 CZK/25 PLN (on the day of use until 11:59 am). The remaining sum will be added to the credit in your account. The product cannot be cancelled on the date of use after 12:00 noon.

Gopass benefits that you will love

The Gopass membership offers a lot of advanatages in 4 countries. What do you think about better ski pass prices or discounts on lunch in restaurants? Enjoy!

Gopass benefits