Tatranská Lomnica - Vysoké Tatry

850 m - 2634 m

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Tatranská Lomnica, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry

About resort

Visit the most popular tourist destination - Skalnaté Pleso (tarn) at the altitude of 1,751 metres. A 4-person cable car operates from the lower station in Tatranská Lomnica to mid-station Štart and from there a modern 15-person cable car continues to Skalnaté Pleso. Relax at one of the highest located restaurants in the High Tatras – at the Panorama Restaurant Skalnaté Pleso.
Lomnické sedlo, which is located at the altitude of 2,190 metres, is a place with breathtaking views. You can use a renewed and more comfortable black-silver chairlift with leather seats to get from Skalnaté Pleso to the saddle. Get above the clouds. Make a trip to the second highest peak of the High Tatras - Lomnicky peak (Lomnický štít) Enter the kingdom of silence and relax in the stylish Dedo café. To Mt. Lomnický štít from there you can take a unique red suspension cable car to Lomnicky peak. which surmounts a vertical drop of 855 metres. The ride takes 8.5 minutes.

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