Paragliding 10 days of the season

Paragliding 10 days of the season

  • Boarding possible from the northern or southern side of Mt Chopok
  • Valid from 1. 5. to 31. 10. 2023
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Fly over Chopok.


  • Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Jasná all summer long.
  • The product includes 10 return cable car tickets valid in the Nízke Tatry – Jasná resort from 1. 5. 2023 to 31. 10. 2023.
  • After you buy the “PARAGLIDING 10 DAYS OF THE SEASON” product, it will be added to your Gopass vouchers section and include 10x one-day vouchers.
    Every voucher includes cable car transport in the Nízke Tatry – Jasná resort on the day specified when the voucher is activated – in the form of 1 return cable car trip from the northern side of the Jasná resort and 1 return cable car trip from the southern side of the Jasná resort (Chopok Juh). The vouchers are valid only when the resort is open.
    Only 1 voucher can be activated per day. The product can be used only after activating one of the vouchers for a specific date. Non-activated vouchers are not valid.
  • The product is non-transferable from the moment of the purchase and related to the personal data of the person that it has been purchased for.
    The price doesn’t include insurance and parking.
    The PARAGLIDING 10 DAYS OF THE SEASON product is suitable for adults older than 18 years. It can be purchased and used also by young adults older than 16 years, but only if their legal representatives allow it (in such case, you have to declare that the legal representative has done so).
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    The use of the product is governed by the General terms and conditions of the Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. company for the 2023 summer season.