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Gopass vouchers

The “Gopass vouchers” section displays available vouchers for discounted services. For example, selected tickets for points or discounted products within our seasonal offers can be found there.
Vouchers work the same as classic product purchases. Just add a selected voucher to your basket and proceed by paying with a card/points or credit. Some of our campaigns e.g. Mega discounts offer vouchers that do not have an exact date of use, so it is necessary to activate them for a specific date before your visit.
If you receive a code, just enter it into the appropriate field in your account’s “Gopass vouchers” section. Subsequently, based on it, a corresponding voucher with the relevant product will be added to your account and can be activated by completing the shopping process.
Yes, vouchers have a limited validity. The expiration date is specified in the voucher description.
Some vouchers are intended solely for the account holder and therefore cannot be used by other family members, others don’t have this restriction. Information whether a voucher is meant for you or other members of your family can be found in its basic description in the Gopass vouchers section.
To see if a voucher has been activated successfully check your email inbox whether you have received a purchase confirmation email for our products or services.
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