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Your Gopass card

The Gopass card is a personal identifier thanks to which services and benefits within Gopass can be used. The plastic form serves as a personal ski pass and a cable car ticket; the digital form is used for all other products and services (water park ticket, ski school, ski rental, hotel accommodation, golf and much more).
A digital Gopass card is automatically sent to your mobile after registering with Gopass programme as a part of email confirmation, including instructions on how to save it to your device. The best utilisation for a Gopass chip card is to use it as a ski pass and a cable car ticket. When making your first purchase of these services, add a Gopass chip card to the basket and collect it at the Client Centre when you come for the first time.
A chip card is necessary when using ski passes and cable car tickets as it enables you to pass turnstiles. With other products and services, a mobile Gopass card can be used. If you don’t have one, an automatic alert is set for ski pass or cable car ticket purchases to notify you about the need to buy it and to collect it at a resort.
A card can be blocked directly in your profile in the “Gopass card”/”I have lost my card” section or by calling the Gopass Infoline on 0850 122 155 or +421 220 510 448 from abroad. In case you don’t have it at a ski resort, a replacement carrier can be issued at ticket offices for a fee of €5/PLN25/CZK 150 (€2/PLN10/CZK50 for the card and €3/PLN20/CZK100 for recharging a ski pass/ ticket). A new card can be added to your Gopass account online in the “Gopass cards” section or if necessary, our helpful staff will be happy to help you add it at the centre. Please guard your Gopass card sufficiently. In the event of its loss and subsequent misuse, TMR is not responsible and is not liable for any damages incurred.
The digital Gopass card can be downloaded from the “Gopass cards” section in your account. It is also a part of the welcome to the Gopass programme email confirmation after your registration.
The digital Gopass card can be used for identification everywhere except for passing turnstiles in our mountain resorts.
A new card can be added in your account in the “Gopass cards”/”Gopass chip card” section under your name by clicking on the “Add a card” button. Please note that if you already owned a chip card in the past, it is necessary to block the original card at first before adding a new one. A card can be blocked in your Gopass account in the “Gopass card” section by clicking on “I have lost a card”.
Yes, a fee of EUR 2 / CZK 50 / PLN 10 is charged for every Gopass chip card. This card will be added to your account and can be used for future purchases of our products. It is non-refundable.
If your chip card does not work and you have bought a product, please visit our Client Centre.
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