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Collecting of points, vouchers and Gopass special offers

Points are added to your account for making purchases, for every EUR 1 / CZK 25 / PLN 4 spent you can get 1 point. Please note that in order to collect points for purchases made in shops and facilities marked as Gopass partners, you need to present your Gopass card (digital or chip).
Gopass points can be redeemed when purchasing selected products and services at discounted prices in our e-shop or regular shops and facilities marked as Gopass partners. Information about available offers for points can be found in the “Gopass vouchers” section in your account. Choosing these offers and completing your shopping with point payment will secure your purchase and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
Points can be redeemed when purchasing products directly in our e-shop or at selected partner facilities marked with the Gopass logo (restaurants, bars, hotels, ski rentals, ski schools and sports shops).
Yes, points expire after 2 years after they were collected if you don’t use your points and you don’t shop with your account.
Point transactions can be checked in the “My orders”/ “History of point transactions” section in your account. Any difference in the point balance may result from rounding because every purchase amount is rounded down to the nearest euro when converted into points. For example, if you paid €15.92, 15 points were added to your point balance. In case you think that the points added to your account are not correct, contact us by email at
We are very sorry but it is not possible to add points additionally after your purchase as the administrative process is too complicated. Therefore it is important not to forget to use your Gopass card with every purchase. A digital Gopass card is available at any time in your mobile device, so don’t worry, you won’t forget it, for sure.
Points cannot be donated to another person, but purchases can be made for another person by using points. This person needs to be a member of your family in the “My family” section or needs to be registered with Gopass and have a valid Gopass card. While processing your purchase, select a person from your account or enter the Gopass card number of the person you are shopping for.
Yes, it is possible to make purchases with points for members who are assigned in your account. It is also possible for other members in your account to use your points by presenting their Gopass card while making their purchase with Gopass partner facilities.
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