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Fresh Track is unique morning skiing available only to a handful of enthusiastic skiers for whom selected cable cars and slopes are accessible before the official operation beginning at a resort. Customers with this product have a unique opportunity to ski on a perfectly groomed surface without queuing and to crown their experience with a nourishing breakfast. Fresh Track skiing is available from 7:30 to 9:00, breakfast is served after 9:00. Please note that a Fresh Track ticket doesn’t include a ski pass for the rest of the day, however, this is available for a discounted price.
Purchased ski passes include mountain rescue insurance which applies exclusively to opened and marked tracks/ slopes (only in Slovak resorts, except tourist tickets). Our Client Centre offers additional off-piste insurance.
To secure the required equipment, a reservation needs to be made two days (i.e. 48 hours) in advance.
Yes, in case of non-use of the product due to objective restrictions in the center, you are entitled to compensation, you are entitled to compensation in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of individual ski resorts. If you are in the resort, substitute service can be claimed in the resort in the client centre or send us your complaint in writing to the email address: When filing a complaint, it is necessary to describe the reason for the complaint, to submit relevant documents proving the justification of the complaint and a registered Gopass card number, which will make the identification process easier. We usually respond within 3 working days.
Always buy ski passes at our ticket offices or online on Never buy tickets from another person offering it at a car park, nearby a ticket office, on a slope or through a selling platform. This will avoid later potential disappointment and unpleasant surprise in the form of a blocked ski pass.
Please note that all tickets purchased through the Gopass e-shop, as well as ticket offices, are non-transferable. If this condition is violated, tickets are blocked. When passing turnstiles in mountain resorts, ski passes/ tickets are cross-checked by a face recognition system, so do not exchange ski passes with anyone else. With a blocked ticket, a turnstile (scanning device) cannot be passed and the operation staff will not allow you to enter a cable car.
Comfort Parking is a product that includes a guaranteed parking space in the Tatranská Lomnica resort. The product can only be purchased via our e-shop in the “Ski pass” section. Comfort parking tickets entitle their holders to enter a specially marked parking zone separated by barriers from 7:00to 17:00. The entrance barrier opens after scanning a chip or digital card with the relevant product loaded on it at a reader. A digital Gopass card can be downloaded to your mobile device from a Gopass account/ “Gopass cards” section. The exit barrier opens automatically. No more stress when looking for a free parking space or having to arrive early.
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