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Shopping and shopping process

Our current offer can be found on the website or on individual resort subpages as a part of basic filter categories. Gopass offers tickets to ski resorts, water parks, amusement parks and golf courses; cable car trips, parking, events or experiences, as well as, ski school and rental services.
Yes, a fee of EUR 1 / CZK 30 / PLN 5 is deducted for a product cancellation if the cancellation is made no later than until the end of the day prior to its date of use or EUR 5 / CZK 150 / PLN 25 if the cancellation is made on the day of its validity until 12:00. At the same time, points that were earned for the original purchase are deducted from your account balance. The point balance must not fall below this amount, otherwise, the cancellation will not be possible.
Gopass accepts several payment methods and their availability may vary depending on selected products to a specific resort. Basic payment methods include payments by card, internet banking and Apple pay, additional methods include Gopass credit, Gopass points, Magnus points and Twisto.
Yes, it is possible to shop for someone else by adding them to your account and then selecting them when making a purchase. The second option is to click on the “Another person with a Gopass card” button (e.g. buddy, neighbour) in the purchase process and enter the person’s Gopass card number.
Yes, a purchase is also possible on the day of the service use. Products will appear on your card within 15 minutes after completing your shopping with payment.
The validity of a product can be checked while making a purchase or after its completion on a thank you screen, in an email confirmation or in the “My orders” section in your account.
In this case, firstly check your SPAM folder in your mailbox. If a message doesn’t appear there either, please contact our customer service on 0850 122 155 (calling from Slovakia) or +421 220 510 448 (calling from abroad) from abroad to check the accuracy of your email address.
No, it is not necessary to print out a confirmation email, displaying it on your mobile device is enough as a proof.
Prices on Gopass vary depending on several factors. These differences are most visible in the case of ski passes as their prices are set dynamically according to the current situation and the demand. In principle, the rule is that the sooner you buy, the better is the price.
No, prices vary by age category in most cases. The adult rate is the basic price from which the others are derived.
Discounts cannot be combined, i.e. if you have several options for a given product (e.g. product for points vs. voucher offer), it is up to you which of them you choose.
In case it is not possible to add a product to the basket, it is likely that we do not allow the product purchase with the given configuration or you have already made a purchase for the selected date. If these instances are ruled out, our system has not alerted you to any restrictions and the purchase is still not possible, please contact our customers line on 0850 122 155 (calling from Slovakia) or +421 220 510 448 from abroad for more information.
If you are not able to choose the required time or number of persons, no spare capacity is probably available for the given time or number of persons. The cabin to Mt Lomnický štít has strict safety limits, so we recommend finding another nearest suitable date.
If the Pay by credit option is not available for a purchase, not enough credit is in your account balance. Please note that when cancelling a product a cancellation charge is deducted from the credit added to your account, so the amount of credit may not be enough to re-purchase the product with the same price. Increasing the credit balance by the missing amount is needed.
In such cases, the purchase can be cancelled. To cancel a service, go to the “My orders” section in your Gopass account and the specific service that you want to cancel and click on “Cancel”. Only selected products can be cancelled so if there is no cancellation option next to a service, the product cannot be cancelled. Depending on the product, cancellation is possible one day before the day of use or even on the day of use. Cancellation costs 1 EUR/30 CZK/5 PLN (one day before the day of use until 11:59pm) or 5 EUR/150 CZK/25 PLN (on the day of use until 11:59am). The remaining sum is added to the credit in your account. Products cannot be cancelled on the day of use after 12:00noon. If you have activated a service at 0 EUR/0 CZK/0 PLN (shopping for points, zero-value voucher activation), it can be cancelled only if there is credit in the value of 1 EUR/30 CZK/5 PLN (cancellation one day before the day of use until 11:59pm) or in the value of 5 EUR/150 CZK/25 PLN (cancellation on the day of use until 11:59am) in your account.
Gopass credit is used separately for individual countries, i.e. credit in € can only be used for purchases of products valid in Slovakia/Austria. Credit in Czech crowns can only be used for purchases of products valid in the Czech Republic. Credit in Polish zloty can only be used for purchases of products valid in Poland. In the event of a product cancellation, credit deducted by an applicable fee is added to your account depending on the country where the product was valid.
You have 30 minutes to complete your purchase as the best prices for products are only available in limited quantities. If this time is exceeded, products in the shopping basket will be removed (deleted) and it will be necessary to select them again.
Products related to different resorts and countries have to be purchased separately. If you e.g. buy cableway tickets and water park tickets, you have to make two orders, i.e. complete your purchase of cableway tickets first and then buy water park tickets.
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