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Ski Challenge

Ski Challenge is functionality and a benefit that the Gopass programme offers and thanks to which it is possible to monitor your skiing statistics at selected resorts and compare them with your friends. Ski Challenge offers an overview of rides, altitude metres, slope kilometres completed on a certain day or in the whole season. Although Ski Challenge is an automatic part of Gopass, your initial consent is required in the “My skiing statistics” section for us to be able to process this data with regard to GDPR.
Kilometre count works on the basis of crossings turnstiles and therefore it is not available, for example, at Austrians resorts, where turnstiles are located only at lower cable car stations and lifts. Individual distances are fixed, so they are not 100% accurate as you as a skier often have several options for skiing. Occasional failures may occur while transferring data from turnstiles, so even if we try our very best to ensure completeness of the data, absolute reliability cannot be guaranteed. But Ski Challenge is first and foremost about having fun, right?
Kilometre count within Ski Challenge data is based on crossing turnstiles and on predetermined lengths of individual slopes. Therefore, off-piste rides, for example, are not included in the calculation and the number of completed kilometres may not correspond with your GPS.
A sticker for a completed level can be collected at ski resorts after scanning your Gopass card. Just look for the Ski Challenge logo.
Statistics of previous seasons can be found in your profile after selecting a particular season under the “My skiing statistics” section.
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