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Gopass account

Gopass membership is free of charge and offers a lot of advantages including tickets at the best prices, various discounts and special offers, zero queuing at ticket offices, skiing statistics or comfortable online shopping at home.
After logging in to a Gopass account, another member can be added by filling their basic details (name, surname and date of birth) to a form found in the “Gopass cards” section/ “My family”. The maximum number of members for one family is 10.
Members can be separated and made independent in the “Gopass cards – My family” section. Under the member that you want to separate, there is an “Options” panel. When clicked on, the “Separate a member” option appears (the email address of the member that you want to separate and that is not registered in the Gopass programme must be entered). Members younger than 15 years cannot be separated. Similarly, existing members can be joined, but the member that asks for joining cannot have any other members subordinate to their account.
You can change your phone number, address and the country that you come from. The language and your password can be changed too. All changes can be made in the Settings section. To change your surname, email address or wrong date of birth, please contact our Gopass contact centre by email:
To subscribe to receive our offers and newsletters, choose the option in the “Settings” section. This option is also available as a part of the registration form when registering with Gopass. Our offers are great, so don’t miss them ;)
To change your password, go to the Settings section. If you forget your password, click on “Forgotten password?” before logging in to your Gopass account. After entering the email address that was used to register for the Gopass programme, you will receive an email with instructions on how to renew your password.
Yes, there are reduced rates for students/pensioners and disabled clients. Members (older than 18 years) are entitled to claim discounted prices by entering their ISIC/ITIC/EURO<26 card numbers in the Gopass card section for the relevant person. Claiming discounts due to disability (disabled with cards) is assessed based on the respective customer’s request sent to the email address After the card is registered, the product has to be added to the shopping basket based on the age (adult) and the discounted price will be displayed after selecting the name of the client and claiming the respective discount.
The Gopass membership doesn’t imply any obligations, on the contrary, it offers several unique benefits. However, if for any reason you wish to cancel your account, this can be done by sending an email request to or you can cancel your account by using the Gopass app. After an account is cancelled, all Gopass cards registered in it are automatically blocked, all active services in the account are deactivated and collected loyalty points are cancelled.
All details on the scope and purpose of the processing of your data can be found in the Privacy Statement, which is governed by strict privacy and personal data protection policies. To request additional information or to exercise other rights based on the GDPR please contact us at
Photos are used for identification in our resorts and are required only if buying products with a longer/ reoccurring validity (e.g. Smart Season Pass). We suggest updating your photo in your Gopass account, especially before buying products like the Smart Season Pass or Aqua/Sauna/Maxi Season Pass. If you used a wrong file while uploading your photo for the first time, please contact us at and send us the right photo.
There are no registration or membership fees in the Gopass programme.
Individuals older than 15 years can create their own accounts in the Gopass programme.
You can easily download our Gopass.Travel app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (IOS).
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